Appe JSC is an international and modern company that produces a safe, high quality, and affordable product in the animal feeding industry in the northern Vietnam area.  Appe runs two top of the line feed manufacturing facilities located in Ha Nam and Vinh Phuc.  Together, these factories produce over 400,000 tons of feed per year in an increasingly complex, international agricultural market.

Appe widely offers a wide range of feeding products and uses of the best available raw materials, nutrients, and minerals.  We currently supply 49 different Pig and Poultry products for animals of all ages.  Appe is currently continuing expansion into additional products that will include Quail, cattle, and fish in the future.

Consistency is absolutely essential in the production of animal feed.  Using the best raw material, the correct mixing methods, the right heating temperatures, and the most efficient pelleting process are all variables that have a large impact on the final product.  Therefore, we utilize the most modern and efficient production technologies from the United States in order to monitor and maintain our quality.


"Farm to Fork" is a food system that includes everything from the raw materials of animal feed to the bite of meat that your family consumes at the dinner table. This concept is a food system in which food production, processing, distribution and consumption are all integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, and nutritional health of our products. This concept is at the core of Appe's mission.