Today, the industry supply chain of modern feed required equipment and modern technology in order to produce top quality products are a high. Expand entire production process, from raw materials to feed members, it is necessary to have a standard software system, laboratory research equipment and modern production technology. The lack of accurate information can lead to problems concerning food safety. For these reasons, MaggRabbit (companies from the United States) and Danishfarm - Denmark has been supporting APPE with the best capabilities of technology production of animal feed.

Danish Farm Concept

Danish Farm Concept

APPE and Danish Farm Concept are working together on the efficient design construction of pigs farms and providing high quality pig sperm to the Vietnamese market

Danish Farm Concept  is a company and brand name representing the entire Danish model for pig production including: Modern pig farm design, Efficient pig farm technology, Danish genetics, Nutrition program, Sustainable solution, Education, training and management”

The Danish companies Hamlet Protein, SKOV, Dalum Agricultural Business Academy, Danbred International, Danish Farm Design and Vissing Agro market their products under this brand in wholesale solutions for the pig industry.

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